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Long but very interesting article by Ron Epstein about all aspects of genetic engineering: 'Redesigning the World: Ethical Questions about Genetic Engineering'

Mining Humanity by Brian Tokar. Article about the distinction between the scientific undertakings of the Human Genome Diversity Project, the commercial patenting and ownership of human genetic material, and the aggressive efforts of transnational pharmaceutical companies to expropriate indigenous knowledge as 'intellectual property' under the rules of the World Trade Organisation.

Article from Nature about biologic farming: biotech-en/biofarming-en.htm

Article from the Pesticide Action Network about Monsanto prosecuting seeds replanting farmers: biotech-en/monsandseeds.htm

Articel about the Patent Bill and TRIPs (the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights) in India: A monopoly for foreigners now

UK stands up for Gen Manipulated crops. Text from the Guardian (Friday Februari 5, 1999) about a ban on Genetic Manipulated crops wanted by India and African countries. Britain and United States decided to block this ban in the WTO becourse of free trade and their TNC's.

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