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The site of Third World Network contains a lot of information related to the Inter Continental Caravan; about globalization, economic liberalization, bio-technology, patents, environment, but also healt, position of women and human rights. Addres:

UK stands up for Gen Manipulated crops. Text from the Guardian (Friday Februari 5, 1999) about a ban on Genetic Manipulated crops wanted by India and African countries. Britain and United States decided to block this ban in the WTO becourse of free trade and their TNC's.

Text Noam Chomsky spoke Sept. 22 to a crowd of about 3,400 at the Jack Simpson Gymnasium on the University of Calgary campus.
Question: Is this globalized economy really out of control?

Grassroots Globalisation. An article written by Johua Karliner and token from the Corporate Watch site. Grassroot organisations from all over the world have to co-orporate to be effective against global problems.

The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD or the Centre) wants contribute to a better understanding of development and environment concerns in the context of international trade.