SOUTH EAST of France

Thursday JUNE 10th: Lyon

Arrival at: around noon at SportHall COSEC, 89 rue Athenes Rillieux La Pape.

Probably a resting afternoon, with possibility of taking a swim in the lake of Miribel-Jonage.
meeting and dinner with differents collectiv, associations and cultural group.

Friday June 11th

Different actions around the 4 topics of the ICC.
"activ pic-nic"
evening: After the dinner, public forum.
Rest day

Saturday June 12th

Lunch on the "place Bellecour", with farmers, musicians, theatral groups etc... for the all afternoon.

SUNDAY June 13th :

TRAVEL TO Chaumont

Monday June 14th

10 AM: Action.
Then travel to Basel
Arrival Basel: In the afternoon.

Bus 4
Thursday 10.6. Welcoming, meal, sleep.
Friday 11th of june: Split into minibus

1 will go in Hautes-Alpes, welcome by Confédération paysanne, visit of farms.Visit to the Conservatory of Gap/Charance (Conservatory of rustical variety). Join other group either at Digne or at Chateau-Arnoux. Other group will be welcomed at the agricultural lycée of Carmejane (beside Digne) by Center of formation for adult.

Then meeting to the geological réserve of Digne, meeting with political and association.

Maybe meeting with the "chamber of agriculture".

5 pm (provencal time!) townhall of Digne organise a debate with the population and students.

Back for the dinner.

9pm public meeting at Chateau-Arnoux

Saturday June 12th :

Split into 5 or 6 minibus for visit of locals farm.
Evening: party with everybody!

Sunday June 13th:

evaluation and ongoing work

Departure to Bâle.


(Bus 9)

Monday 24.May : Lille

Getup at 6.00
Breakfast at 7.00
Departure to Lille at 8.00
Arrival Lille at: 6 pm
From 1pm. Wide picnic on the "Grand-Place"
streets animation (theater...) .
6 pm or before if possible, meeting with the population.
8 pm indian meal in the universitarian restaurant, maybe outside of Lille.
Sleeping place in a hall of Lille, for the men.
The women separatly, in the habitant’s place

Tuesday 25th May

Departure Lille at: 11 pm.
Arrival in Maubeuge around 1pm.
1 pm to 3 giant pic-nic in the "Place de wattignies", with actions dividing into 3 groups:
* group 1: from 3.30 pm to 5.15, around 15 peoples meet local farmers in resistance.
Around Maubeuge
* group 2: from 3.30 to 6 pm meeting with consumer association that work on GMO and with social exclusion.
* Group 3: meeting with associaitons "femmes d’ici / femmes d’ailleurs" immigrated women association.

6 pm joining of the group: actions with local population
8 pm indians meals in municipal hall in Maubeuge.
Sleep in municipal hall in Pont-sur-Sambre.(12km from Maubeuge).

Wednesday 26th May: Limoges

Departure Maubeuge at: 9 am (or earlier)

Arrival Limoges at: 6pm (or later)
7 pm division of the bus in 5 groups.
3 goes to the "plateau des 1000 vaches", 2 stay in Limoges.

Thursday 27th May

meetings and actions on the "plateau des 1000 vaches"
for the peoples that stay in limoges, 6.30 pm party meeting in social
centre "Marcel Proust"

Friday 28th May

departure around 8 am from "plateau 1000 vaches"to limoges.
The groups reassemble each other at "Champ de Juillet".
10 am: action
departure to Langon at 2 pm,
arrival at Langon at 6 pm.

Saturday 29th May

-departure from Langon:
- Arrival Vallee d'Aspes

Sunday 30th May

- Departure Vallee d’Aspes at:2pm

(Bus 10)

Wendnesday May 26th Le Bourg / Avranches

9pm: Symbolic Action for the peace, in the beach of the landing of the
2nd world war.
Beach of "breche d’Hermanville".
10.30 prefecture of Caen: action relating with GMO.
12 public meal, Restaurant universitaire
Afternon: Visit of different farm.

Thursday 27th May : Nantes

Leaving from Avranches: 9 am.
Arrival Nantes at: noon, more or less.
From 12h30 to 14h30: pic-nic, and then walk to the port.
3.30 pm:on the port will be held debate and forum
Meeting point: the tram station:"gare Maritme".
6.30 Walk to the square"la petite Hollande"
8.30 speech from the participants of the ICC.
evening: Party.

Friday 28th May : Guichem / Rennes

leaving Nantes in the morning
arriving Guichem (100km from Nantes) for lunch time.
11.30-14.00 h lunch with the population.
Afternoon, from 2.30 pm, meeting on the 4 topics of the ICC, with local
then meeting with the local participants.
6pm big popular forum with speech from the indian.

Saturday 29th May

-departure from Rennes:
leaving with the bus that leave for the euromarch demo in koln

Sunday 30th May

10.30 am meeting/action to the Nuclear power at Golfech
1 pm: forum "planete" in Montauban
Sleeping at St Robert

Monday 31th May

11am meeting with biological association
12.30 meal with public
3 pm meeting/action about Biotechnologies in Nerac
6.30 meeting on the globalisation.
8 pm meal at the Hall at Villeneuve/lot
sleeping at St robert

Tuesday June 1st : Toulouse

leaving St Robert: morning
arriving Toulouse: noon-3pm. Arrival and Lunch
3pm-5.30 "social" rest.
6.30pm-8 pm : open debate.
After meal with all the participants.
Sleep in "la Chapelle", old chapel occupied.

wendseday June 2nd

11am-1pm action and meeting: "the futurist market"
1.30-2.30 pm lunch
afternoon: rest and lodging
Leaving on 4 pm for Ariege (100 km in the beautiful countryside).
5.30 pm arrival at La Bastide de Sˇrou (Espace Jean Neyrou) from Toulouse.
Musical welcoming
Presentation of following day's actions. 7 PM
Dispatching in host families. Enjoy, meal and rest.

Thursday 3rd june

From the morning to 5 PM, a few actions are planned, for groups from 3 to 10 people each.
They will include:
- Speeches to scholars (in coordination with teachers).
- Visit of farms, including alternative and classical farms (Breed, honey, animal working, land occupation, biological agriculture, ...).
and lunch, of course.
5 PM, salle Jean Neyrou
- Press conference
- Forum: encounter of local alternative activities
- Food and music !!!!

Nota: Local transportations to selected activities will be made with individuals cars. Free day for the driver.

Friday June 4th

Departure with lunch packets at 11 AM .

Saturday June 5th

action! Detailed during and after the action.

Sunday June 6th

- Going to Larzac