Corriere della Sera, June 1999

Benefical Grillo and Paolini
(two famous italian showmen):
they amuse 250 indians at the stadion.

Mestre (Venezia): Beppe Grillo and Marco Paolini in a stadion together with 250 indian farmers touring Europe to illustrate their problems. It has happened Sunday in Mestre with "Caravan 99", a multiethnical association travelling in several European cities for a sensibilization campaign about the problems raised by the unequal developement of rich and poor countries. Mr. Grillo launched himself in a very funny and personal interpretation of the problems discussed, making laugh even the impassive leader of the Indians group, professor Nanyunda Swami. The last stop of the Caravan will be in Koln on June 18, in occasion of the G8 summit.