Intercontinental Camp
for Solidarity and Resistance

15th - 20 th June - Cologne 1999

This camp parallel to the G7+1 summit in Cologne will host the InterContinental Caravan and welcomes all activists wanting to come to Cologne to protest against the current world economic order based on the exploitation of people and the planet.

The camp will offer basic infrastructure
(camping space, kitchen, fire place, stage, water, toilets and an info tent).
The camp is self organised so we expect you to help taking over general tasks and help shaping the activities.
You are welcome to come early to help puttin up tents and help with the general infrastructure. It will be a place to plan actions and meet interesting people from all over the world.

The camp runs together with a kurdish initiative which built up a traditional kurdish village as protest.


June 16th and 17th:
multicultural programme with several bands; films...

June 17th:
arrival of the ICC (InterContinental Caravan - 500 people)

June 18th:
action at BAYER in Leverkusen 11:30 h with the ICC

Global Day of Action at the heart of the global economy ( - action(s) in the City of Cologne,
Laugh Parade (time and place to be confirmed !!)

June 19th:
Human Chain by Jubilee2000 (at 14:00 h) Big demonstration 14:30 (rally starts at 12:30 - place to be confirmed) the ICC will take part in these events: expect the unexpected ! evening : party in the camp !

bring your TENT, SLEEPING BAG and a CUP / PLATE

Way description:
The camp is in the Riehler Auen, which is the west river bank of the Rhine, north of the City centre, very close to the Mülheimer Brücke.

  • By tram / subway: From the Central station: subway No 16 to Buchheim. From Mülheim-Station line No. 15 direction Ubierring or line No.16 direction Bonn / Bad Godesberg.
    Get off at station Boltensternstraße
  • From the north: Motorway A 1 via "Leverkusener Kreuz", cross the river Rhine, the next exit is "Köln-Niehl", there direction south or towards "Köln-Riehl". See map!
  • From the east or the south: Motorway A 3, at the "Kreuz Köln-Ost", change the road towards "Zoobrücke", cross the river Rhine. See map!
  • From the west: Motorway A 4, at "Kreuz Köln-West" change to the A 1. Stay on this road until exit "Köln-Niehl". Then direction south or towards "Köln-Riehl". See map!

Bring enthusiasm, rage and creativity!

See you there !