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June 18
Laugh Parade

The Inter-Continental Caravan for Solidarity and Resistance will culminate in Cologne and will be part of an International Day of Protest aimed at the heart of the global economy.

La CIC prendra part à la journée d'action globale, le 18. juin lors de sommet du G8 à Cologne.

As the ICC comes to an end in Cologne, people all over the world will also be protesting the G7 Globalisers of Misery.

Die ICC wird am 18. Juni am weltweiten Aktionstag während des G8 Gipfels in Köln  teilnehmen.
Environmentalists, workers, the unemployed, indigenous people, trade unionists, peasants groups, women’s networks, the landless, students, peace activists and many many more are working together in recognition that the global capitalist system, based on the exploitation of people and the planet in the name of profits, is at the root of our social and ecological troubles.
La CIC sera parte del Dia de Acción Global el 18 de junio, durante la cumbre del G8 en Colonia.
The June 18th occupation and transformation of financial districts, simultaneously across the globe, will be a contribution to and practical example of the process of making connections and building alternatives to the present social order.
The ICC will be part of the Global Action Day on June 18 during the G8 summit in Cologne.

The action is timed to coincide with the first day of the Group of Seven (G7+1) summit of leaders of the richest nation-states in Cologne, Germany.

The ICC calls for two days of Protest:
On June 18th
  • Leverkusen: demonstration at BAYER, 12:30 h
  • decentralised actions in Cologne!
    Choose your target and replace consumption by joy and community spirit and replace plunder by party !
  • "Laugh Parade" in the Centre of Cologne at 17:00 h

No need to 'storm the summit', we are not interested in coming into power or lobbying the G7 leaders.
We will try out an Indian form of action which consists of laughing at powerstructures and the absurdity of their acts ! Come along to this Premiere in Cologne , bring your imagination, enthusiasm and expect the unexpected.

On June19th

  • critical participation in the human chain organised by Jubilee2000                                                - morning

    „We are not asking for debt relief or renegociation: we are asking Southern governments to disobey the rules of the G7 governments and the Bretton-Woods institutions, to stop participating in the criminal ransacking performed under the name of ‘debt repayment’. We hope to obtain the support of the European people on whose name the G7 governments are exploiting more than half of humanity"
                                              - from the Indian manifesto.

  • participation in the big demonstration against the G7/8 summit , 12:30 h in the centre of Cologne
    (exact place will be precised soon)
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other activities:

15th-20th of June: international political and cultural camp in Cologne. A place to meet international activists, plan protest, share stories and skills and enjoy a colourful cultural festival.

(More details soon)

for more information on the camp contact: icc99koeln@gmx.de or tel:+49-221-94026-51

Keep us posted about your activities around the J18: icc99presse@gmx.de

J18 website: www.gn.apc.org/june18

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