ICC in Rome

The ICC arrived to Stazione Termini in Rome at 6.30. As you should know the buses staied in Milan for two days. Actually it has been not easy to receve the free train from government because of several problems of "pubblic order" ... but at the end... we won !!!

280 people from India, Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, europe and others countries moved by underground to CIRCO MASSIMO where we have eaten and talked with journalists (not really a lot!! ).

Police presence was aggressive and really too much. They were waiting for us in the train station and were following the ICC as very dengers "Hooligans soccer supporters": no problems fortunatly, probably becouse just 200-250 camerates from Rome came to the demonstration in front of FAO... and also becouse the way of acting of the people of ICC was perfectly no-violent and not aggressive as the police one...

At 12.00 we moved down (300 mts) in the direccion of FAO building but police stopped us at about 200 m far away from the entrance. Started the speaches, everyone spoke against FAO politics...

In the mean time some people tried to give some document to the curious people around us, but police didn't allow us. We were litterally closed in the street between police, carabinieri, and others "order forces"....

At about 2.00 pm we moved to Centro Sociale LA TORRE were food, water, and space to sleep were organized by the Roman commite.

After a shower and a rest everyone met into the garden for a pubblic meeting. The ICC meets Romans. Following the Intercontinental Party started ..... dances ... music... theatre, jugglers, beer, food.... really a good fun !!!

At 5 everyone had to be ready to take a special bus (offered by the busses company just the evening before to get the Train station )

6.30 leaving to Milan.