ICC in Karlsruhe
(South Germany)

On Saturday, welcoming of the caravan in the innercity of Karlsruhe with short speeches and some music. About 50 people were there to see the ICC and although it was bad weather and the shops were closed, there were some people, that stopped to hear the speeches. With our experience in actions like this in Karlsruhe, it was quite o.k.. In the evening, we had common meal and a spontaneous party with djing by our bus driver, singing and dancing. It was very nice because people were gathering and discussing very well.

At Sunday the central event was the public information assembly in the evening. It took 3 hours with 6 speakers from the ICC and about 100 people in the audience (even plenty „normal bourgeois“). On the one hand it was a little pitty that, with these 3 hours of speeches, there wasn´t enough time to have real discussions. On the other hand the podium with 6 speakers showed very well the different interests and aspects of the ICC and their importence. At Sunday afternoon we had a leisure trip to a biological farming place and to the Black Forest, which seemed to be very interesting and relaxing for the participants of ICC bus no.1.

In general we are very very glad to have met these wonderful people. Although we didn´t have any huge demonstrations or public actions, for us it was a great experience to have the ICC in Karlsruhe. And we´re sure that there will be some effects for all of us.