Monsanto action in Belgium

This friday 28th of May was in Belgium, in Louvain-la-Neuve to demonstrate before the European technical center of Monsanto. After the "Chez z'elle" vegetarian meal, a 500 people walk left, strongly squared by the police which obliged us to go through an industrial zone of poor of workers to avoid the student town where we could have strengthened our troops. Some televisions were still present and were interviewing and filming the discussions between Flemish farmers already trapped by seeders and the Indians.

A lot of dishevelled youth and some shy NGOs but still present (Nature et Progrès, Oxfam Solidarité ...) In front of the Monsanto seat, talks took place. Michel Somvill, "Belgian GMO's debates Sir" (Centre d'études et de Formation en Écologie - Ecological Studies and Formations Center) spots behind Monsanto railing his usual speaker in TV debates. "Shouldn't we organise a delegation to discuss with factory represen-tatives ?", he asked. Indians refuse this "Belgian" dialog, too soft for them. They explain it patientfully through a megaphone : "Sir of Monsanto, we do not want you to be in our country because, with such factories, it's impossible to negotiate".

Considering the balance of forces, everybody agreed, even the "Belgian debates Sir". Nevertheless, discussions are continuing on both sides of the railing, as if we had come to visit some prisoners. Finally, two reporters went through the gate, in order to "hear both the parties" they said.

What about the direct non violent actions ? The place is along the motorway Brussels-Namur, we could have intended a sight seeing tour to make us visible by the car drivers ? Young organisers of the ICC in Belgium don't like this idea anymore. The Monsanto Technical Center is well surveyed. And, that same evening, a street party against the war is organised in Brussels. Actually, we are not so keen to visit the jail tonight ...At 11:00 PM, the top of the fun is a pretty lively atmosphere in St Gilles (Brussels). The street party surprises all the inhabitants. Such a thing has never taken place here in Brussels before. Antoinette Brouyaux