-  Program Bus 7
Going from Germany to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and back to Germany.

 -  Friday 21th May
  Arrival to Germany
Travel to Salzwedel

 -  Saturday 22th May
Arrival to Germany
Travel to Salzwedel

 -  Sunday 23th May
Briefing and resting in Salzwedel

19.00 public welcome event; local activists from the "Bauerliche Notgemeinschaft" and the "Buergerinitiative" tell about their struggles against the nuclear waste and the atomic industry. So from india tells why they have come to Europe. Cultural Program with Gospel quire.

 -  Monday 24th May

Departure Salzwedel: 9.00am
Arrival in Amsterdam :6.00pm

 -  Tuesday 25th May

Day: demonstration against Cargill

Evening: 2 public workshops in parallel: workshop 1) women in rural societies, 2) Biotechnology, patents and their social and environmental effects

 -  Wednesday 26th May

2 parallel events (not open to the public):For women: Meeting with Global Network for Reproductive Rights
For men: Patriarchy and gender from a male perspective.

A few women will participate in a press conference organised by a Campaign for Reproductive Rights.

Others will participate in a workshop on alternative economies.
Meeting with peasant organisations (tbc)

- Leave to Brussels at:6.00pm
- Arrive in Brussels at:9.50pm

Accomondation at FME camp

 -  Thursday 27th May

- Morning: march to Nato from the camp for demonstration,
   from noon to 2:  party.
- Common press conference

 -  Friday 28th May

Civil inspection to the center of a major TNC

 -  Saturday 29th May

- Morning Visit of a farm

- Evening: party-public meeting-theater

 -  Sunday 30th May

Leave  Brussels
Arrival in Paris

- Meeting with the Associations Villageoises du Fleuve (Senegalese, Maliens etc.) and the Bengalis of Paris

- Actions in 1-2 international financial institutions

- Common action with workers and immigrated women about the development of the agriculture


 -  Monday 31st May

Public meeting for the men in CAES, for the women, demonstration in "arche de la defense", from 11.30am to 12.30.

then meal in a popular suburb

 -  Tuesday 1st June

- Action begin at 10 am and all the day.

 -  Wednesday 2nd June

Departure: 10.00 to Cologne
Arrival: 18.00
Accomodation: Resistance camp - Butzweiler Hof

 -  Thursday 3rd June

Demonstration against EU summit

Public event: women from different countries meet

 -  Friday 4th June

Action on Genetic Engeneering

Women action day

Some participate in Anti-Eu summit

Some go to Koblenz to give a speech at the SPUK

 -  Saturday 5th June

Departure Cologne: 9.00
Arrival Frankfurt: 12.00
12.00 Public Reception at the Market


 -  Sunday 6th June

18.00 Public meeting  at Cafe "Excess"

 -  Monday 7th June

9.30 Action in Front of the European central bank

Departure: 12.00 to Geneva
 Arrive in Geneva at:21.00

 -  Tuesday 8th June


9am: press conference at Usine (vespetro)
11am demonstration/sit-in at Cargill

by small group, meeting with different organisations. Etheir at Usine or at hte place of those associations

3pm meeting at Ecuminic council of church

5pm: meeting at the Genevian Chamber of agriculture and swiss farmer: Subject:"agriculture in WTO"

5-7pm meeting of women (Usine or Artamis) with the collectiv of womenof the 14th june and "espaces femmes internationales".

6pm public meeting at university (salle Piaget, Uni-Dufour, rue General Dufour) with students and biologist teacher, about GMO and agriculture.

8pm15  -conference-debate at University. "famers and
                  WTO", with swiss farmers.

 -  Wednesday 9th June 

Geneva (Switzerland)


a delegation of the Indians speak at the ILO (International Labour Office) annual assembly; this is organised by the Confederation of the Genevan Trade Unions, debate


4p.m. demonstration, sit-in at the WTOand back to USINE with a "guided visit"of the town- demonstration, eating

6 pm a delegation to the "jardin de Cocagne" (local net work of bio-farmer)

6pm meeting between Dalits and Anieres parish.

7pm debate at the annual assembly of the genevian federation of cooperation., with ,members of the universitarian institute of study for devlopments and WWF.


party at the USINE

part of the caravan: meeting with the Genevan Federation Cooperation (NGOs)

 -  Thursday 10th June
  Geneva - Vevey 

10.00 am Depart Geneva

11.00 am arrive at Nestl , Vevey. Switzerland

AfternoonDepart by small group to meet famers from the UPS, VKMB and in other districts (Friburg, Vaud, Basel, Jura, Bern....)

 -  Friday 11th June

all day rest day

Visit of Farm. Public conference in Basel

 -  Saturday 12th June
  Berne - Friburg

10.30 am Depart Yverdon
12.00 am Arrive Berne (Barengraben)

Afternoon: manifestation, debates, speeches, music, food at the place in front of the Government building

Evening: back to the farmers, and departure Berne (Bundesplatz). Participation to the national meeting of the unemployed in Friburg.

10.30 pm Arrive Yverdon

 -  Sunday 13th June
  Basel - Yverdon

rest, pic-nic in the countryside and visit of farms.conference-debate in Basel.-Campaign with the farmers of Bio-suisse


 -  Monday 14th June

Depart Yverdon
Departure: Bern:8.00am

Arrival in Salzburg, Austria: 4.00pm

 -  Tuesday 15th June

 -  Wednesday 16th June

 -  Thursday 17th June

leave Salzburg at 9.00am
Arrival Cologne: 7pm
Accommodation: camp 99

 -  Friday 18th June

11.30 Action in Leverkusen, at one of the big German Multinationals (BAYER)

17.00 Laugh- Parade in the town of Cologne


 -  Saturday 19th June

11.00 Critical participation in the human chain against 3rd world dept.

14.00 Demonstration against the world economic summit

17.00 Dinner at the camp 99

19.00 Farewell Party together with the Caravan of Refugees and Migrants

 -  Sunday 20th June

Leave to Dusseldorf airport

- Plane leaves