-  Program Bus 9
Going from Germany to France, Spain, Switzerland and back to Germany.

 -  Friday 21th May
  Arrival to Germany
Travel to Salzwedel

 -  Saturday 22th May
Arrival to Germany
Travel to Salzwedel

 -  Sunday 23th May
Briefing and resting in Salzwedel

19.00 public welcome event; local activists from the "Bauerliche Notgemeinschaft" and the "Buergerinitiative" tell about their struggles against the nuclear waste and the atomic industry. So from india tells why they have come to Europe. Cultural Program with Gospel quire.

 -  Monday 24th May

Departure to Lille at 8.00Arrival Lille at: 6 pm

From 1pm. Wide picnic on the "Grand-Place"
streets animation (theater...) .

6 pm or before if possible, meeting with the population.
8 pm indian meal in the universitarian restaurant, maybe outside of Lille.

 -  Tuesday 25th May

Departure Lille at: 11 pm.

Arrival in Maubeuge around 1pm.

1pm to 3 giant pic-nic in the "Place de wattignies", with actions

dividing into 3 groups:

group 1: from 3.30 pm to 5.15, around 15 peoples meet local farmers in resistance.

Around Maubeuge

group 2: from 3.30 to 6 pm meeting with consumer association that work on GMO and with social exclusion.

group 3: meeting with associaitons "femmes d’ici/femmes d’ailleurs" immigrated women association.

6 pm joining of the group: actions with local population

 -  Wednesday 26th May

Departure Maubeuge at: 9 am (or earlier)

Arrival Limoges at: 6pm (or later)

7pm division of the bus in 5 groups.

3 goes to the "plateau des 1000 vaches", 2 stay in Limoges

 -  Thursday 27th May

meetings and actions on the "plateau des 1000 vaches"

for the peoples that stay in Limoges, 6.30 pm festiv meeting in centro social "Marcel Proust"

 -  Friday 28th May

departure around 8 am from "plateau 1000 vaches"to limoges.
The groups reassemble at "Champ de Juillet".
10 am: action
departure to Langon at 2 pm,
arrival at Langon at 6 pm.

 -  Saturday 29th May
  Vallee d'Aspes

Departure from Langon:
Arrival Vallee d'Aspes

 -  Sunday 30th May

Departure Vallee d’Aspes
Arrival Pamplona

Welcoming in Aranguren
(a village 20 Kms far away from Pamplona)
 Resting time

 -  Monday 31st May

Morning: Leave to Iru–a

Press confernce and interview with parlamentarians and politicians from Navarra in Iru–a.

To ? Vitoria to do the same in the Basque Country.

Afternoon: Public act in Iru–a.. The action will touch the topics of globalization and food sovereignity.

Leave back to Aranguren

 -  Tuesday 1st June

Morning leaves Aranguren
Travel to Tudela

Action act of sensibilization (talks, deliver information) in Tudela.

Afternoon Travel to Gallur

 - - - - from June 2nd to June 5th split in two groups - - - -

 -  Wednesday 2nd June

They arrive to Madrid in the evenning.
Evening Welcoming

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 -  Thursday 3rd June
  Madrid and Lleida

morning press conference and interview with members of the parlament and representants of political parties.

Evening talk in the Ateneo de Madrid.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Public act in Lleida.

Afternoon Travel to Kan Pasqual.

 -  Friday 4th June
  Madrid and Barcelona

Morning public act in front of the offices of Monsanto in Madrid

Afternoon leaving to Alicante


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Leaving Kan Pasqual
Arrival Barcelona

Public act in Barcelona. Demonstration in Barcelona against globalization and genethic engineriee.
Meal and video in a park in Barcelona.

Leaving Barcelona
Arrival Kan Pasqual

 -  Saturday 5th June

Alicante and Kan Pasqual


Demonstration against genetic manipulation .

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Goodbye party in Kan Pasqual before the caravan leaves Spain the next day.

 -  Sunday 6th June

Leave Kan Pasqual
Arrival Montpellier

 -  Monday 7th June

Departure Montpelier Morning

Travel to Geneva
Evening/night: Arrival
Eating and sleeping at the cultural center Usine

 -  Tuesday 8th June

9am: press conference at Usine (vespetro)

11am demonstration/sit-in at Cargill


by small group, meeting with different organisations.
Etheir at Usine or at hte place of those associations

3pm meeting at Ecuminic council of church

5pm: meeting at the Genevian Chamber of agriculture and swiss farmer: Subject:"agriculture in WTO"

5-7pm meeting of women (Usine or Artamis) with the collectiv of womenof the 14th june and "espaces femmes internationales".

6pm public meeting at university(salle Piaget, Uni-Dufour, rue General Dufour) with students and biologist teacher, about GMO and agriculture.

8pm15 -conference-debate at University. "famers and WTO", with swiss farmers.


 -  Wednesday 9th June 


a delegation of the Indians speak at the ILO (International Labour Office) annual assembly; this is organised by the Confederation of the Genevan Trade Unions, debate


4p.m. demonstration, sit-in at the WTOand back to USINE with a "guided visit"of the town- demonstration, eating

6 pm a delegation to the "jardin de Cocagne" (local net work of bio-farmer)

6pm meeting between Dalits and Anieres parish.

7pm debate at the annual assembly of the genevian federation of cooperation., with ,members of the universitarian institute of study for devlopments and WWF.


party at the USINE

part of the caravan: meeting with the Genevan Federation Cooperation (NGOs)

 -  Thursday 10th June
  Geneva / Vevey

10.00 am Depart Geneva

11.00 am arrive at Nestlé , Vevey. Switzerland

AfternoonDepart by small group to meet famers from the UPS, VKMB and in other districts (Friburg, Vaud, Basel, Jura, Bern....)

 -  Friday 11th June

all day rest day

Visit of Farm. Public conference in Basel.

 -  Saturday 12th June
  Berne / Friburg

10.30 am Depart Yverdon
12.00 am Arrive Berne (Barengraben)

Afternoon: manifestation, debates, speeches, music, food at the place in front of the Government building

Evening: back to the farmers, and departure Berne (Bundesplatz). Participation to the national meeting of the unemployed in Friburg.

 -  Sunday 13th June

rest, pic-nic in the countryside and visit of farms.conference-debate in Basel.-Campaign with the farmers of Bio-suisse


 -  Monday 14th June

Depart Yverdon
11.30 am (or later) Arrive: Basel

Public assembly against the WTO and neoliberal policies at the central square

15.00 protest tour passing by different TNCs such as Novartis etc


 -  Tuesday 15th June

19.00 Public meeting at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität

 -  Wednesday 16th June

Morning: Visit at the Agricultural University of Weihenstephan

15.00 Action in front of European Patent Agency

 -  Thursday 17th June

Leave to Cologne at 10.00

Arrival in Cologne: 18.00

Accommodation: camp 99

 -  Friday 18th June

11.30 Action in Leverkusen, at one of the big German Multinationals (BAYER)

15.00 Dinner

17.00 Laugh- Parade in the town of Cologne

 -  Saturday 19th June

9.00 Breakfast

11.00 Critical participation in the human chain against 3rd world dept.

14.00 Demonstration against the world economic summit

17.00 Dinner at the camp 99

19.00 Farewell Party together with the Caravan of Refugees and Migrants

 -  Sunday 20th June

Leave to Dusseldorf airport