-  Program Bus 11
Going from Germany to  France, Italy, Switzerland and back to Germany.

 -  Friday 21th May
  Arrival to Germany
Travel to Salzwedel

 -  Saturday 22th May
Arrival to Germany
Travel to Salzwedel

 -  Sunday 23th May
Briefing and resting in Salzwedel

19.00 public welcome event; local activists from the "Bauerliche Notgemeinschaft" and the "Buergerinitiative" tell about their struggles against the nuclear waste and the atomic industry. So from india tells why they have come to Europe. Cultural Program with Gospel quire.

 -  Monday 24th May

Depart Salzwedel (Germany)-9am

Bielefelt (Germany) 1pm

Meeting with the caravan Geld oder Leben (money or life)

 -  Tuesday 25th May

Cycling together with the "money or life caravan" to Münster.

17.00 Reception at the Maior
18.00 Demonstration in fromt of the town hall,
          Prinzipalmarkt 1

20.00 Public Diskussion with Representatives from differnt social movements in working groups: Nuclear energy, Subsistenzwirtschaft, Biotechnology, Dambs., Frauenstr. 3-7

 -  Wednesday 26th May

Departure to Aachen
Leave Munster (Germany) to Aachen
4 p.m.: arrival from Munster

welcome and rest
7 p.m.: arrival Bus 4 from Leipzig

7.30 p.m.: PUBLIC LECTURE in university: Resistance in India and the ICC
(with three participants of the ICC, Bus 4)

8.30 p.m.: (parallel to lecture) MEETING WITH ORGANIC FARMERS of the region

 -  Thursday 27th May

9 a.m.: visit of ORGANIC FARMS in the region
             and (maybe) meeting with local organisations
1 p.m.: lunch
3 p.m.: PRESS-CONFERENCE at the Third-World-Forum Aachen   (parallel) cultural program

5 p.m.: departure of Bus 4 to Brussels

Bus 11 joins the EUROMARCH-DEMONSTRATION (Vaals to Aachen)

7 p.m.: rally at the end of the demonstration at the market square
(with speech of one representative of the caravan),

exchange with Euromarch-activists and groups from Aachen

 -  Friday 28th May

rest and departure to Cologne

 -  Saturday 29th May

Euromarch demonstration

 -  Sunday 30th May

DEPART:11 am
Cologne (Germany)-Paris (France)
arrival in Paris: 6pm

Meeting with the Associations Villageoises du Fleuve (Senegalese, Maliens etc.) and the Bengalis of Paris

Actions in 1-2 international financial institutions
Common action with workers and immigrated women about the development of the agriculture

 -  Monday 31st May

Public meeting for the men in CAES, for the women, demonstration in "arche de la defense", from 11.30am to 12.30.

then meal in a popular suburb.

 -  Tuesday 1st June

 Action begin at 10 am and all the day until the departure of the caravan

Leave Paris after actions (at about 18.00 )

Travel to Milano in the late afternoon

 -  Wednesday 2nd June
Arrival in Milano in the Morning
Resting day

Evening: public meeting, maybe concert

 -  Thursday 3rd June

10.30 AM: demonstration by the Stock Exchange.

Afternoon: press conference - meeting with civil society
 -- rest --
Evening: Dinner, concert and -- during the concert -- leaving for Rome.

 -  Friday 4th June

Travel to Rome

Rome Program

 -  Saturday 5th June
Back to Milano
rest, meeting with society, maybe a concert

 -  Sunday 6th June
Travel to Venice

Morning: groups for information and sensibilization about the Caravan - acting in strategical points of the territory.

Afternoon: public happening in Mestre -- initially with working groups, then all together with the participation of known personalities.

Sport hall in Mestre - via Porto di Carvergnago - Venezia Mestre

 -  Monday 7th June
Travel to  Geneva

Evening/night: Arrival
Eating and sleeping at the cultural center Usine

 -  Tuesday 8th June

morning: a demonstration in front of Cargill.

afternoon: meetings with different groups and /or visit of the city combined with leafletting people in the streets. Groups may invite a delegation or small group of caravaneers, or come to the Usine to meet them there.

evening: 18H Public debate at the University with students and faculty of biology about Genetically Modified Organisms

20H Public meeting at the University (hall for 600 persons) where the general public can hear the message of the Caravan.

Simultaneously, meetings with other local groups

 -  Wednesday 9th June 

Morning: meetings with representatives of the World Council of Churches and other groups and tour of Geneva

Afternoon: whole group marches through Geneva to ILO (delegation received in annual conference) (There may be a meeting with ILO already in the morning, arranged by the CGAS.). Group continues to WTO for a demonstration, then returns to Usine.

Evening: Party at Usine with population (including immigrants and refugees such as Kurds)

Debate at the annual assembly of the Federation Genevoise de la Cooperation (FGC), also with members of the IEUD (University Institute of Development Studies)

 -  Thursday 10th June

10.00 am Depart Geneva

11.00 am arrive at Nestlé , Vevey. Switzerland
2.00 pm Depart Vevey

3.30 pm Arrive Yverdon

 -  Friday 11th June

all day rest day

 -  Saturday 12th June

10.30 am Depart Yverdon

12.00 am Arrive Berne (Barengraben)

Afternoon: manifestation, debates, speeches, music, food at the place in front of the Government building

9.00 pm Depart Berne (Bundesplatz)

10.30 pm Arrive Yverdon

 -  Sunday 13th June

Meeting with local farmers, picnics, relax day

 -  Monday 14th June

9.30 am (or later) Depart Yverdon

10.00 am (or later) Arrive: Basel

Public assembly against the WTO and neoliberal policies at the central square

15.00 protest tour passing by different TNCs such as Novartis etc

 -  Tuesday 15th June

19.00 Public meeting at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität

 -  Wednesday 16th June

Morning: Visit at the Agricultural University of Weihenstephan

15.00 Action in front of European Patent Agency

 -  Thursday 17th June

Leave to Cologne at 10.00

Arrival in Cologne: 18.00

Accommodation: camp 99

 -  Friday 18th June

11.30 Action in Leverkusen, at one of the big German Multinationals (BAYER)

15.00 Dinner

17.00 Laugh- Parade in the town of Cologne

 -  Saturday 19th June

9.00 Breakfast

11.00 Critical participation in the human chain against 3rd world dept.

14.00 Demonstration against the world economic summit

17.00 Dinner at the camp 99

19.00 Farewell Party together with the Caravan of Refugees and Migrants

 -  Sunday 20th June

Leave to Dusseldorf airport