How can you help?

Organising this caravan is quite an undertaking. The help of many people is still needed. During the caravan itself there will also be a lot of work to be done. Anyone wishing to assist with the project, or requiring more information, should contact the Welcoming Committee.

Financial support is also greatly needed. Although the farmer organisation pays for the journey from India to Europe, the Welcoming committees are responsible for the transport in Europe, accomondation and food. Besides this, organising the various meetings and activities will also costs a lot of money. Financial contributions are therefore more than welcome. Please transfer any donation you would like to make to giro account number 8200042 of the Inter Continental Caravan.

If you would like further information about the Dutch Welcoming Committee, please contact:
Welkomstcomite 500 Indiase boer(inn)en
adres: Burgstraat 3, 6701 DA Wageningen, The Netherlands.
E-mail:, Tel/Fax: +31-317-423588

Who to contact in your country